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                         Glamour...what is glamor?

Glamour is taking a beautiful woman and creating the most beautiful image of that woman possible. That's glamor. Glamour
isn't about sex, but it can be provocative at times, even subtly
erotic, Glamour can also be the tantalizing tease - the image that begs the viewer to ask for more, but doesn't give it away. Glamour isn't only about nudity. Glamour is about sensuality and eyes and longing looks, more than it is about the body. Glamour is my favorite form of photography, because it shows a woman just how beautiful she really is.

It's for these reasons, that I take my Glamour work seriously. There's no blurry line. We are creating images that fascinate - that make mouths fall open - images that "wow" their audience. If you work with me and follow my instructions, you will get the very best images I can make.

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DGI Concepts specializes in Glamour Photography, Boudoir Photography, and Pinup Photography.  DGI Concepts services the entire Staten Island area as well as the entire New York Metropolitan area.